KSQM Now a Member of the National Preparedness Coalition

National Preparedness Coalition Membership


KSQM 91.5 FM just became a member of the National Preparedness Coalition with FEMA as a broadcaster that will prepare and broadcast information and public awareness information on disaster and emergency preparedness.  KSQM Услуги is cheap jerseys now cheap mlb jerseys one of  three organizations on the Olympic Peninsula currently signed up with Jerseys FEMA as a partner in this program!

Coalition Members’ Role — Coalition wholesale mlb jerseys Members bridge the gap between all Tutor levels of government and the public through emergency preparedness education and events. By expanding the emergency management team to include entire communities, Coalition Members improve national preparedness and resilience. With the help of Coalition Members, FEMA promotes a whole community approach to emergency management, which includes:
Design engaging all parts of a community in defining its true preparedness needs
• coordinating preparedness activities throughout the community with participation from local government and first responders
• strengthening the assets, institutions, and social processes that work well in communities on a daily Alignment basis to improve resilience and emergency management outcomes.