Bill Hegarty Announcer, Radio Room Engineer, Music Dept

KSQM Volunteer Since 2009


Hi there, I’m “Wild” Bill Hegarty. I am generally found in the KSQM broadcast booth on Sundays mornings (7-9) and Wednesday evenings (6-9). I also fill in at other times when needed. I enjoy a fairly wide range of music, both instrumental and vocal. On my watch you will hear Big Band music, marches, popular music from the 1920’s thru the 60’s, Viennese waltzes, jazz, folk, music from Broadway and Hollywood productions, and music generally described as Easy Listening.

I grew up in Kansas City, attended University of Kansas, and have lived on the west coast for some 50+ years. A resident of Sequim since 2003, I have been a KSQM volunteer since early 2010. When relaxing, I listen to KSQM, KPTZ, NWPR, CBC2 and KING-FM. I invite you to contact me with your comments and music requests.

“WILD” Bill Hegarty has been a KSQM Announcer since 2010, and can be heard Wednesdays from 6-9PM and Sundays from 7-9AM.