Fred McKenzie Announcer

KSQM Volunteer Since 2014


My name is Fred McKenzie. I’m a new announcer at KSQM. I am on the air Saturday mornings from 7-9 am. I was told for a long time I have a great voice, but didn’t think much of it since I don’t particularly enjoy singing. When I first heard of KSQM and its volunteer announcers and thought that might be something for me. I thought about it even more while entertaining the idea of making a career change into something like doing voiceovers. Early this year after some intense feedback from several people I had a good feeling about applying at KSQM. My experience here has exceeded my expectations. I enjoy the challenges of going on the air and have learned to like the music quite well, even though I was born in 1970. It goes to show how timeless this great music is.

Fred “FM” McKenzie is a new KSQM Announcer and can be heard Saturday mornings from 7-9AM.