Robert Massey Announcer

KSQM Volunteer Since 2008


“The Classy Bob Massey” program is one of the charter programs here at KSQM and is broadcast weekdays, 9-Noon.

“Radio gets in your blood.”  That’s what Bob Massey says and he ought to know.  He’s been in radio for almost seven decades – even longer if you count the time he “broadcast” from his parents’ basement using a transmitter whose coverage area was limited to the upstairs of the house.

Bob was born March 9, 1925 in the small town of Rutherford (pop 1200), Tennessee.  He was raised in Nashville, and graduated high school in June of 1943, right smack-dab in the middle of World War II.

In August, 1943 Bob joined the Army and was shipped out to Europe in time to join in with General Patton’s Third Army.  Bob was with the 76th Infantry Division, (also known as the Onaway Division).  That combat infantry division took part in the Rhineland, Ardennes-Alsace, and Central European campaigns.  It was during this experience, in the European Theatre of Operations, that Bob first appeared in front of a microphone.  He spoke for the Armed Forces Radio Network and helped maintain their music library.

Returning to the States after the war, Bob settled in Florida. With his military service behind him, Bob began his stateside radio career at WJNO.  Thereafter, he went on to WWPG, WIOD in Palm Beach and Miami, all the while starting a family.  Bob worked at a number of radio stations in Florida, (and he can tell you about each station, rattling off the call letters like a child singing the alphabet song).

In 1963, while nesting in Stuart, Florida (and radio WSTU), he responded to an ad for radio work in Alaska.  He got the job. (The distance between Stuart, Florida and Anchorage, Alaska is 4973 miles!

Talk about a “big move”!

A year later, in 1964, Anchorage Alaska also made a big move…8.4 on the Richter scale!

Mr. Massey was at the studios of KHAR on the evening of March 27th when “all of a sudden everything started falling.  Racks of cartridge tapes, records falling, going everywhere.  My first thought was to get out.”  He then drove home to see if the family was okay (and they were).  The mobile home where they were living was still on its blocks, despite chaos all around.

Soon, Mr. Massey was back at the station and back on the air.  His job, as he saw it, was to bring a sense of normalcy and news to the listening audience.  He announced news bulletins and played music.

It was love of music that lured Mr. Massey into radio in the first place. (In Tennessee, where he grew up, he fell in love with music, mostly because of his mother.  She played the piano at home, as well as at the local theater where she provided the sound track for silent movies).

Being in radio offered him the opportunity to be surrounded by music every day.  It also gave Mr. Massey the chance to interview some famous musicians including Burl Ives and Vaughn Monroe.  (Vaughn Monroe remains one of Mr. Massey’s favorite artists).

Today, he is the foremost Broadcaster at KSQM, (91.5 FM, Sequim, Washington), and is heard Monday through Friday from 9 am to noon.  He is known as “The Classy Bob Massey”.  With his devotion to broadcasting, professionalism, and welcoming personality, Bob gives his listening audience a warmth and reliability with his gift of communication. It is a true privilege to know him.  Bob is an invaluable asset to the industry, and KSQM is fortunate to have his talents as an exceptional broadcaster.

And when you think about it, isn’t it truly remarkable that a man who has already put in over 89 years can get up every day and go to work doing what he loves the most?

Bringing music to an audience remains the reason that Mr. Massey enjoys being on the radio.

After all, radio gets in your blood.